v5 : February 16, 2017 – FRENCH VERSION

Set Rules
– 4 Stocks.
– No items.
– Pause option should be disabled in the game menu. If left on, a player who pauses accidentally or deliberately during a match must forfeit a stock. A player who quits the match with Start and L+R+A+Start loses the match.
– 8 minute time limit. In the event of a timeout, the player who has the most stocks left wins the match. If both players have the same amount of lives, the character with the least damage wins the match. If both characters have equal lives and damage, the match must be replayed. « Sudden Death » is never used.
– Tero’s Smart Rule: A player can’t counterpick a stage they’ve already counterpicked and won on during the set. The first stage chosen in the set is not a counterpick stage.
– Pamaro’s Stupid Rule: The character and stage selection should be made reasonably quickly.
– Gentleman’s clause: If both players agree to it, any stage can be chosen.
– Stalling (avoiding combat in order to reach the end of the timer) is banned. Stalling is not camping; in case of doubt, the TO has the final word.
– Wobbling is allowed up to 300%.
– Yoyo-Glitch is allowed.
– Color glitch is banned.
– Playing as Master Hand is banned.
– Any glitch that can prevent a player from controlling their character is forbidden.
– A player can request to play on neutral ports. For FoD, DF and YS, neutral ports are number 1 and 2. On BF and PS, they are 3 and 4 and on Dreamland, they are 2 and 4.
– A player can request to have a neutral start : both player face each other on each side of the bottom platform.
– If both players want the same controller port, the choice will be settled by Rock-Paper-Scissors.
– Players are allowed a 1 minute warm-up before playing their match.
– Coaching is allowed between matches, but not during a match. If a person is coached during a match, the player (player and coach) get a warning. With 2 warnings, they will be both disqualified.
– A player can take a 5 minute break between 2 consecutive sets.

Set Procedure
1. Opponents choose their characters for the first match. If needed, a Double Blind Pick can be requested with the help of a referee.
2. Opponents start the stage striking procedure.
3. At the end of the first match, the Stage Banning starts in the following way :
– if Best of 3, the winner bans a stage for the next match ;
– if Best of 5, there is no Stage Banning. Tero’s Smart Rule applies.
4. The loser of the previous match announces the next match’s stage (Starters or Counterpick) out of the ones have not been banned.
5. The winner of the previous match chooses their character.
6. The loser of the previous match chooses their character.
7. The next match is played.
8. Repeat steps 4-8 for all proceeding matches until the end of the set.
– If one of these rules isn’t respected, matchs must be replayed.

Specific rules for Doubles
– 10-minutes-timer.
– Friendly Fire is ON.
– Life Stealing is allowed.
– Fountain of Dreams is banned because of lag.
– Pokemon Stadium is a Starter.
– No stage banning.
– A player can request to play on neutral ports : on Pokemon Stadium, Battlefield, Yoshi’s Story and Dreamland, it should be done this way : ABBA. For Final Destination, it should be done this way : ABAB.

Stage list
Starter stages are :
– Final Destination ;
– Battlefield ;
– Yoshi’s Story ;
– Dream Land 64 ;
– Fountain of Dreams (banned in doubles).
Counterpick stages are :
– Pokemon Stadium (starter in doubles).
All other stages are banned.

Tournament format
– The tournament can start with a qualifiers phase: swiss rounds, pools, or bracket. If the qualifiers are pools or a bracket, the TO must seed the players before the qualifiers.
– Qualification phases are Bo3.
– In case of a tie during the round robin phase, players are settled this way : First, the ratio of won sets will be considered. If both players have the same ratio, the ratio of matches won will be considered. If it is a 2-player tie, only the results between the two of them will be considered. In case of a tie between 3 players, they play their matches again (the number of stocks and the percentage will be taken into account).
– If there are qualifiers, their results will be used as seeding information for the tournament. If there aren’t, the TO must directly seed players.
– The tournament is a double-elimination bracket (with a loser bracket compatible with Challonge). It is divided in 2 parts : The winner and loser bracket. At the end of each Round, winners progress in the winner bracket like in a single-elimination competition. Losers join the loser bracket and play in order to stay in the tournament. A second loss will cause a definitive elimination from the tournament. The Grand Finals opposes the winner of the winner bracket and the winner of the loser bracket. If this last one takes the first set, a second set is played. The number of players must be a power of 2 (8, 16, 32, 64, …). If not, it is possible to complete this power of 2 with fictive players called « Bye », who will lose all their matches.
– During the tournament, every set will be Bo3. The TO can take the decision to fix a round from which every set will be Bo5.
– The winner must announce the result of the set.
– If after 10 minutes a player does not show up in order to play his set, he loses it. No negotiation possible. In pools, every 10 minutes, the player loses against an opponent, by decreasing seed order.

Equipment rules
– Bring your own controller!
– Kadano’s Rule : controller modifications and alternative controllers of any kind are allowed, except for macros and turbos.
– Trigger trick is allowed.
– Freejon’s Stupid Rule : It is forbidden to unplug a player’s controller during a match or playing in place of your partner.
– The game will be played on 4/3 screens with lagless devices. TVs with no lag are either CRTs (cathodic screen TVs) or flat screens with under 16ms of input lag (non-comprehensive list here: https://displaylag.com/display-database/)
– The game is played in 60Hz mode.
– The game is played on the PAL version of the game, with every character and stage unlocked.
– Only Nintendo Wiis and Gamecubes that can play the game with a DVD are allowed. A Wii console that can play an ISO of the original game is tolerated. A player can ask to play on the original DVD version of the game.
– If a match is interrupted because of external causes (alarms, fire, dysfunction of a TV or a console, power cut, …), there must be a rematch.
– In the event of a rematch caused by a dysfunction, a player can ask to change setups.