TL;DR: Book your airport shuttle trip online! Once you’re in Paris, take the Métro line 1 to Charles de Gaulle – Étoile then take the RER A to Noisy Champs. Tickets including the shuttle trip should cost around 40€.

Don’t get fooled! Paris Beauvais Airport isn’t even in the region of Paris. It is however home to many lowcost flights.

Travelling from the airport to HFLAN

At Beauvais there aren’t that many options to begin with. The cheapest and most convenient one is the Beauvais ↔ Paris shuttle. Please book your tickets here as it is cheaper than buying it once you’re in Beauvais.

After an 1h15 bus ride, the shuttle drops you at Porte Maillot where huge works for extending an RER line are under way. From there, reach the Métro line 1 going to Château de Vincennes (chat-o’ duh vin-say-nuh) and stop two stations later at Charles de Gaulle – Étoile (shar-luh duh goal ay-too-ah-luh).
Please note that despite the name, this station hasn’t much to do with the airport. Some french people just love World-War-Two-hero-and-emperor-like presidents.

Once you’re at Charles de Gaulle – Étoile, catch an RER line A train that goes to Torcy (tor-see) or Marne la Vallée (marn-lah-vah-lay). To make sure you’re going the right way, mak

the airport to HFLAN First of …

e sure the train’s 4 letter mission name starts with an O or a Q like ONIX or QIKI) and stop at Noisy Champs (noo-wah-zee-champ).

Once at Noisy Champs, ESIEE is a few minutes away.

Getting the right tickets

On top of the shuttle trip, you’ll need to buy tickets to go to and from Noisy Champs. Since the shuttle drops you in Paris, the round trip Paris ↔ Noisy Champs is cheaper than from an airport.

If you want to go the IRL meeting, you should buy a t+ ticket to go from Porte Maillot to wherever the rendez-vous location is and keep your Paris → Noisy Champs ticket for when you want to leave for the HFLAN. t+ tickets are 1.90€ each.

  • Total cost : 39.80€
    • Beauvais ↔ Paris shuttle round trip: 29€
    • Paris ↔ Noisy Champs round trip: 8.90€
    • One t+ ticket: 1.90€

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